Skid Row Offroad Jeep Parts Full Line Now Available at Morris 4X4 Center

skid row offroad jeep parts at morris 4x4 center

Skid Row Offroad parts are now available at the Morris 4X4 Center! Protect the vulnerable parts under your Jeep with their quality laser cut steel and CNC folded Skid Plates. From end to end skid plates, to mirror brackets, to foot pegs and more. Skid Row Offroad parts, together with the Morris 4X4 Center, have what you need!

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13 Jeep Polyurethane Products for Under $40.00 at Morris 4X4 Center

rugged ridge polyurethane jeep parts

Polyurethane is a great way to beef up components on your Jeep, primarily the suspension. The stock rubber components get weak, crack, make noise, and sometimes just plain fall off and disappear to who knows where. Even if you're currently running rubber bushings, the urethane ones can improve things like control and handling, and make components stronger and less likely to give way when you rely on them the most. They can also be replaced at any time during the life of your Jeep. Read more ...

10 Reasons Why You’ll Love the New Morris 4X4 Center Location for Jeep Parts

Morris 4X4 Center Jeep Parts, Pompano Florida


1. It's a Bigger Warehouse. It's like, 60,000 square feet.  Big enough to hold all the parts you could ever want to bolt onto your Jeep or 4X4. So big you'll need a trailer next time you load up on parts from us. If this warehouse building was any bigger, they'd be picking us up on radar and checking with NORAD. It's HUGE!

2. Easier to find. Our current location is, well, not so user friendly. The funny thing is, you can see this old building from the I-95 highway, so everyone knows about where we are, "I know where the Morris 4X4 Center is, I saw it from the highway!". Yeah, but actually getting off the highway to find us is like going on a search and destroy mission with last years intel and no map. But our NEW location is right off a major road (Atlantic Blvd), so you can almost see the building right from the road (did we mention it's HUGE?).

3. State of the Art Showroom. The new Showroom will be larger, brighter lighting, longer counters, and a lot more room for YOU, our Customers to browse around, talk 4X4 Jeep stuff, and make it more of an experience. We love our Customers, and you deserve the best, so this Showroom will let you enjoy your visit a lot more.

4. Way More Parking. The NEW location has plenty of parking. It's a beautiful landscaped oasis for folks like you. We don't like to use the word "Upscale", but, well, yes we do! It's Upscale! Slide into your brand new Jeep parking place just outside the Morris 4X4 Center building like a boss! Bring your camera. You'll want to take some pictures.

5. More Event Space. With the crazy huge building, and the airport size parking lot, we'll have more room to host events for Jeep folks and our Customers. We enjoy hanging out with our 4X4 family, but our old location is just to small and not conductive to really having a good time. Now we will be able to have the events we always dreamed about.

6. Faster Shipping. With the new space in the building, we'll now be able to streamline our shipping to get product out the doors even faster. We have great people working in the warehouse, but in our current location, it's not easy for them to get parts moved around with virtually every available pocket of space packed full of every kind of part you can think of. Some of our parts are large, from bodies to hardtops. Now we'll have the proper room to place them out of the way, and speed up our process.

7. More Hands on Deck - We'll now have more room to expand our personnel. Our new offices will be larger, more comfortable, and provide the space for us to grow. Every sale and service starts with YOU, the Customer, and we want to be sure we have enough folks here to take care of your 4X4 needs. Now we can make it happen.

8. Truck Parts - We've slowly been adding some truck parts, but with our seriously limited space in this old building, we could never even begin to stock all the parts we needed (and that you wanted!). Now, it's time to back the 18 wheelers up to the dock, 'cause we're going to add more 4X4 truck parts than ever before. Many of our Jeep Customers have trucks, and we want to take care of them just like we do with their Jeep parts. Best prices, best service, and the some of the best deals ever on truck parts anywhere.

9. Easy access. We are just west of I-95, and just east of the Florida Turnpike. So if you're local, from Daytona to Key West, to wherever, you can stop by and grok all the Jeep and 4X4 parts you can dream of in just a short trip. Heck, you wanted to drive your Jeep anyway, now you have an excuse to come to Pompano (Fort Lauderdale). It's better than Vegas ! (hey, what happens at the Morris 4X4 Center stays at Morris 4X4 Center!).

10. A Personal Parking Place. Now we have a dedicated place to park the company  Bell Ranger Helicopter pickup truck.

We hope you are excited as we are, and looking forward to visiting us at the new location. Stay tuned for more information, and the exact date, because we have some surprises planned, and we want to see and meet as many of you as we can!

New Location: (Soon!)

Morris 4X4 Center 2031 SW 2nd Street, Pompano Beach, Florida, 33069


 jeep parts warehouse, pompano florida


Morris 4x4 center customer service

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Morris 4X4 Center’s New Location for Jeep Parts – Update!

  Here at the Morris 4x4 Center, we are still working hard to get everything ready before the end of the year. We've got some construction workers, electricians, plumbers, and a whole host of people forging our new digs into a lean, mean, order shipping machine. It's going to be awesome! We can't help but want to share with you, our great Customers. There's so much more we can do to make our good service even better! And this new work space will help us be more efficient and able to handle more of your orders in the future. The work crews are now installing the larger modern offices (Woo hoo!) to house all the folks here who work hard and long hours to keep all the wheels working for the website and Customer Service. Soon we will have room to breath and can stop rubbing elbows. We will also have room to expand, more products, andmore employees to make sure we keep taking care of our Customers like we should. So check out the short sneak peek video. It won't be long now, and we'll have a more updates as we get closer to a launch date. We can't wait to meet our Jeep family and friends at the front doors. Stay tuned! .

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Morris 4X4 Center New Location Update Tour – Jeep Style!

  The location has long been chosen, and the anticipation is high for moving into our new Morris 4X4 Center home. It's actually not all that far from our current location, but it's a brand new building, and we can't wait to get going on processing your orders faster and easier. We were finally allowed to open the BIG BIG doors and get the lay of the land inside (Que the big music intro!). It's like night and day compared to our current, much smaller building. Of course, it won't take us long to fill up the 60,000 square feet with every Jeep part you can think of, but before then, we thought we would give a quick tour of the warehouse. You know, Jeep style !  

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Morris 4X4 Center Adds Maxxis Offroad Tires to Product Lineup

maxxis creeper off road tires

We are proud to announce that Morris 4X4 Center has begun carrying Maxxis Off Road Tires. While the brand is new to our product lineup, they're not new to the 4X4 world. Maxxis has been around since 1967. At the moment, we carry their highly aggressive Trepador M8060 Extereme Radial tires and their Creepy Crawler M8090 Extreme Bias tires. Read more ...