Curt’s All New Tray Style Bike Rack for your Jeep

main Taking your bicycles to the trails can sometimes be a hassle. After all, there's not much room on a Jeep as it is. Do you try and throw them in the back? Maybe somewhere up on top? Attach them to the front bumper? Strap them to the hood? It's a common issue, but one that Curt has seemed to successfully overcome with their all new Tray Style Bike Rack. Read more ...

What Ring and Pinion Should I Get on my Jeep for More Power?

Ring and Pinion When talking power, part of what you really want, especially for trailing, or rock crawling, is torque. It's not so much about creating torque or horsepower, but how to to use what you have effectively. Let's take a look at what kind of options you might have, and if, or when you may want to change your gear ratio to get the most out of your driving style, and your Jeep. Read more ...

Rugged Ridge’s New Custom Jeep Wrangler Hood Decals!

hood-decal-solo Rugged Ridge, a leader in the Jeep accessories field, has just introduced their new line of hood decals. Now you can customize your Jeep without having to go to the body shop with these amazing vinyl decals. Read more ...

Jeep Wrangler Competition? What the NY Daily News listed as 5 future potential competitors.

Jeep Wrangler Competition What? The NYDaily News posted an article for 5 modern offroad vehicles to take on America's Jeep Wrangler? We couldn't resist taking a look at their choices and seeing what all the fun is about. We're pretty sure Jeeps are number 1 ... and plan to stay that way! Read more ...

Boxing Star Floyd Mayweather Spends $100,000 to Outfit his Jeep Wrangler

Mayweather Jeep According to Daily Mail, Boxing star Floyd Mayweather has taken the Jeep Wrangler to an all new level, investing over $ 100,000 to transform his ride into the perfect combination of city driver and off road trail machine. While he has a fleet of high end sports cars and exotic wheels at his disposal, now he has the vehicle he needs to get offroad in style. Of course, he's only going to go with the best, and the American made Jeep Wrangler is the superstar's choice. Some of the upgrades include a new hood design, 35 inch wheels with offroad tires, LED lights and other major mods. Not one to take second place, this KO Jeep put's the others "down for the count"!  

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Canada Day with a Jeep Wrangler

Jeep-Wrangler-Canada-Day The desire to own a Jeep is universal, and very strong. One way or another, there's going to be some fun involved. Some young students, between 12 and 18 years old,  joined a local Fiat-Chrysler to celebrate Canada Day in 2015. Best of all, it was a charity event which provided 3,120 meals for the hungry in the Vancouver area. The students pieced together over 4,500 cans to build a Jeep Wrangler. Our hats are off to the students who offered their time and effort to help the folks of their city, and have fun building a Jeep. It looks great! Special thanks to Zigwheels for the news.    

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